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My name is Marine,
I'm a graphic designer based in Montreal


Welcome to my website. I'm 29 years old, I was born in France and I've been living in Montreal, Canada, for several years. I'm passionate about graphic design and art. I have worked on different projects focused on visual communication, user interfaces and illustration. Today, I'm working as a UI graphic artist at Ubisoft Montreal where I can combine my passion for design and video games. On my website, you will discover my graphic and artistic projects, enjoy your visit !

And one day, I felt in love with Urban Art

I dedicated a page of my website to my passion: artistic creation and urban art. On this page, you can discover my universe and the artistic projects that I carried out under my nickname MART in the city of Montreal. Just click on the button below!


Here is a selection of my best graphic and web projects. Each collaboration has been very enriching.